One of these multiple choice answers is wrong… Very wrong!

Mercury is a:
A) Planet
B) Roman God
C) U.S. Automobile
D) Amalgam filling

The correct answer is (D). Amalgam fillings are very wrong because they are made up of 50% mercury— the most toxic non-radioactive material known to man. Evidence is mounting that they cause memory loss, mood swings and other serious health problems.

Mercury amalgam fillings are not only toxic to the body, but also to the environment and have been banned in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

Finally, more dentists are now providing alternatives to amalgam fillings and removing and replacing the old ones. However, while every dentist is trained in dental school to remove amalgam fillings, few usesafety devices such as a rubber dam, special suction equipment, and negative ion generators to remove the toxic vapor as it’s released
into the atmosphere.

At Dentistry for Health NY, we are among the pioneers who started the mercury-free filling trend rather than following it. We provide the safest mercury removal procedures and the most biocompatible materials for filling cavities, crowns and dental aesthetics.

Overall safety and biocompatibility of dental materials are one of the procedures that make Dentistry for Health NY one of the most health-conscious dental practices in the U.S.